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دیمر هوشمند مخصوص کنترل روشنایی لامپ های LED

برای اشنایی با نحوه عملکرد دیمر ها به لینک مراجعه کنید. دیمر هوشمند TIS به صورت Free Voltage با شش کانال خروجی که هر کانال ۲ آمپر جهت کنترل شدت میزان نور از خود عبور می دهد. به صورت  هر کانال می‌تواند بصورت دستی و یا از طریق نرم افزار سیستم هوشمند TIS و توسط متخصص سیستم هوشمند برنامه ریزی شوند.

ازجمله امکانات این ماژول عبارتند از:

امکان کنترل خطوط روشنایی به صورت 0 و 1 و به صورت کنترل شدت روشنایی(0% تا 100%)

قابلیت برنامه ریزی دستی در سیستم هوشمند با کلیدهای هوشمند

دارای 6 کانال با توان خروجی 2 آمپر برای هر کانال

نشانگر LED هشداردهنده باس BUS
 قابلیت اتصال به شبکه هوشمند TIS و S-BUS
 دارای کلید broadcast برای کنترل عملیات

سیم کشی به دو صورت اتصال ماژول ها توسط کانکتور و سیم کشی مجزا از طریق TIS–bus

استفاده هوشمند از کانال‌ها بصورت فیلیپ فلاپ

هماهنگ شدن اتوماتیک ID با بقیه سیستم

قابلیت آپگرید توسط درگاه USB

دارای بدنه ضد حریق
محافظ اضافه جریان
محافظت در برابر گرما ناشی از دیمینگ

دیمر هوشمند TIS به سه صورت: ۶ کانال ۲ آمپر – ۴ کانال ۳ آمپر – ۲ کانال ۶ آمپر تولید می‌شود.

6 Channel 0-10V dimmer with relay cut off. Manual Programming Enabled. (Overheat, Overload Protection) single phase both 110/220 VAC, 50-60Hz. (Green operated supplied by 24VAC/25mA).

TIS Leading Edge Dimmer

6 Channels 2 Amps

Model: DIM-6CH-2A

Data Sheet Rev 1.3

Safety instructions

Electrical equipment may only be installed and fitted by electrically skilled persons.

Failure to observe the instructions may cause damage to the device and other hazards.

These instructions are an integral part of the product, and must remain with the end customer.

Basic information

This device is a product of the TIS system. It is a DIN-rail mountable device with 6 independent dimmer channels which can be controlled separately with TIS protocol messages, technical knowledge obtained in TIS training courses is a prerequisite to proper understanding how to install device. Basic Manual Programming can be done without the software. Advanced Programming knowledge about software obtained in the advanced training courses.

Intended use

Control lighting, e.g. light on/off, dimming, brightness values, scene, and sequence.

It can be used for all dimmable lamps and transformers.

Product characteristics

Outputs Number of channels

Nominal voltage

Nominal current per channel

Maximum total channels load



80 – 230 V AC 50/60 Hz

2 A

10 A

TIS Bus Number of devices on 1 line

Bus voltage

Current consumption



Max. 64

12-32 V DC

<35 mA / 24 V DC

Reverse Polarity Protection

Protection Over current

Over heat

Over load

Heat sink


6* internal Fuse aR class 4A

Internal temp sensor protection

Dimmer coil max load up to 4A

Aluminum alloy with straight fin

Reaction time  


approx. 20ms
Mounting  Din Rail

Wall mount


Standard 35 mm Din rail

screw holder on the back of the module

Connection terminal Load and Power

Data / bus


Screw terminal  0,25…4mm2

Male female connectors Link + screw Terminal

Operating and display elements Programming button/LED

1-6 buttons

By TIS bus




For assignment of the physical address

Manually ON/OFF and Programming

TIS Protocol massages and commands

Manual basic Prog, or by software.

1 X mini USB for up to date upgrading.

Functions  Lighting control ON/OFF Dimming




6 channel controlled separately

12 different scenarios

6 different sequences

Weight Without packaging


0.6 KG
Dimensions Width x length x height


91mm x 145mm x 75mm
Housing Materials

Casing color

Button color

IP rating

ABS anti fire

Black Gray


IP 20

Temperature range Operation







Air humidity <85% non-condensing

Wiring diagram

Data connection

TIS Bus connection can be done by 2 ways


  • Train Connector

By attaching 2 modules or more with each other on the Din rail

A-Screw terminals connection

By using the Cat5e cable to connect to TIS bus 4 terminals (24V,D+, D-, GND)


Recomanded UTP cat5e color connection

24V –  Orange

D+   –  Blue

D-    –  White Blue

GND – White Orange

Nutral /Phase connection (N/L): 2.5 or 4 mm electrical wire
Load connection (1-6) : 1.5 or 2.5 mm electrical wire.
Earth connection: 2.5 or 4 mm electrical wire.


We provide a warranty as provided for by law.

Hologram warranty seal and product serial number is provided by each device.

Please send the description of the defect with Product S/N to our dealer network.

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