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سنسورها در خانه هوشمند عملکردهای بسیا مهمی دارند، به عنوان ورودی در سیستم هوشمند عمل می‌کنند، سنسور ده کاره هوشمند یا همان سنسور پیشخدمت با قرارگیری در سیستم هوشمند و درکنار سایر قطعات هوشمند، وضعیت محیط را بررسی می‌کنند و آن را به سایر اعضا سیستم هوشمند گزارش می‌دهند، سنسورهای هوشمند به عنوان بخش فرمانده در خانه هستند،
از دیگر امکانات سنسور 

توانایی تشخیص حرکت توسط بخش سنسور نوری خود را دارا می‌باشد

توانایی تشخیص میزان نور در محیط

توانایی تشخیص دمای محیط

این سنسور هوشمند امکان ارسال و دریافت امواج IR را نیز داراست و می‌توان از این امکان جهت کنترل، اسپیلیت‌های دارای ریموت، تلویزیون، سینمای خانگی، پرده برقی IR و سایر تجهیزات دارای  ریموتIR استفاده کرد.

این سنسور هوشمند دارای ۲ ورودی آنالوگ2Z)برای اتصال سنسورهای سنتی و مگنت درب و پنجره به سیستم هوشمند می‌باشد.

قابلیت دیگر سنسور هوشمند پیشخدمت یا 10 کاره TIS که آن را نسبت به سایر برندها متمایز می‌کند ، وجود خروجی ۱۲ ولت در آن می‌باشد؛ این خروجی می‌تواند جهت تغذیه سنسورهای سنتی و دوربین استفاده شود، در این حالت از سیم کشی دوباره برای ولتاژ ۱۲ پرهیز می‌شود و این عمل باعث صرفه جویی در سیم کشی ساختمان خواهد شد.


ES-10F-CM is a ceiling mount controller that afford a convenience and saving energy.

it is recommended to install ES-10F-CM in each room to give the maximum of saving energy .

 ES-10F-CM has 10 functions  that help in saving energy and other necessary home automation functions

Important Features

–  Stable Passive Infrared motion detector.

–  High sensitive light  meter senor.

–  6 Infrared emitters to cover  360 degree horizontally, 90 degree vertically angle.

–  Infrared  receiver. 

–  2 Digital inputs.

–  12 Volt DC / 50 mA output.

–  32 Lines of Logic Automation .

–  200 Infrared codes memory.

–  40 Programmable Flags.

–  Temperature Sensor.

–  TIS Bus Network enabled.

–  ABS anti-flame case.

–  UL USA  certified  terminal, ICs and PCB.

TIS Energy Servant

10 Functions Controller

Model: ES-10F-CM

Data Sheet Rev 1.3

Safety instructions

Electrical equipment may only be installed and fitted by electrically skilled persons.

Failure to observe the instructions may cause damage to the device and other hazards.

These instructions are an integral part of the product, and must remain with the end customer.           

Basic information

This device is a product of the TIS system. It is a ceiling mount device with 10 saving energy functions which can be controlled and communicate with other devices in the network by TIS protocol messages, technical knowledge obtained in TIS training courses is a prerequisite to proper understanding how to install device. Advanced Programming knowledge about software obtained in the advanced training courses.


Intended use

Saving energy and security, e.g. light on/off, control air condition on/off, Digital input, Lux meter, TV control.



Product Characteristics




PIR motion sensor

Digital input. Open / Close

Length of connected wire to DI

Light intensity sensor

IR receiver

Temp sensor


Dual element pyro-electric ceramic

2 Channels

< 350 meter

0 – 8000 Lux meter

TIS Infrared code receiver

Resistance Temp sensor


Infrared transmitters

DC Output


6 probes to cover 360 degree 

12 V DC / 50 mA


Number of devices on 1 line

Bus voltage

Current consumption


Max. 64

12-32 V DC

<15 mA / 24 V DC


PIR Detection

PIR range

PIR detection angle


4-6 meters (installation height 2.6 – 3 meters)

110° from the celling down





Reverse Polarity Protection

Reaction time



approx. 20ms


Celling mount


by 2 screws on the base of the sensor

Connection terminal

Data / bus


terminal connector  0,25…2mm2


Operating and display elements

Programming button

Indicator LED

TIS bus



For assignment of the physical address

Blue or Red LED (optional)

TIS Protocol massages and commands

1 X mini USB for up to date upgrading.



Logic/ Timers

IR Code memory / Flags

Security Function

IR receiver


32 Timers and Logic conditions

250 IR code memory and Flags

Away, Night, Day, fire alarm setting

8 buttons function


Without packaging


0.06 KG


Width x length x height


92mm x 92mm x 39 mm



Casing color

Base color

IR window cover

IP rating

ABS anti fire / PC anti fire

Gray White


Transparent White

IP 20

Temperature range








Air humidity


<85% non-condensing



Installation Tips

BUS, 12V-2Z Position

Check your wires positions before installing the base. Locate the TIS bus cable to be near its hole as well as the 2 zones 12V cable.

PIR angles are different in detection strength, as you see in the base there is PIR instruction.

For best installation please install the sensor base in the direction of the longer row to cover more area in your room.


IR Arrows

There is 6 Arrows or triangles that indicate the direction of IR transmitters.

Lux meter

The Sun logo will indicate to the light intensity sensor position.




Wiring diagram

Green Connector (TIS BUS)


Warning:  Please turn off the power supply before any installation


By using the Cat5e cable to connect to TIS bus 4 terminals (24V,D+, D-, GND)

Recomanded UTP cat5e color connection

24V –  Orange

D+   –  Blue

D-    –  White Blue

GND – White Orange


Red Connector:

It have the 2 digital input Z1,Z2 , with the 12V output terminal, Com Terminal is common for both digital input and 12V output.





We provide a warranty as provided for by law.

Product serial number is provided by each device.

Please send the description of the defect with Product S/N to our dealer network.

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