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این دستگاه یک محصول از سیستم TIS است.  دارای آنتن GSM می باشد. با وارد کردن سیم کارت در این ماژول، می توان یک سری سناریو هایی که از قبل به سیستم معرفی کردیم را قبل از ورود یا خروج از منزل فراخوانی کنیم.

از دیگر امکانات این ماژول:

امکان ارسال پیامک در مواقع نیاز( در هنگام نشت گاز ، اطلاع رسانی در هنگام ورود سارق یا …. در زمان فعال بودن سیستم امنیتی)

امکان دریافت پیامک در زمان  های نیاز( می توان به سیستم پیام فرستاد تا قبل از ورود به منزل، سیستم سرمایش یا گرمایش و سیستم روشنایی و … را فعال نماید).

این دستگاه باید در جایی استفاده شود که آنتن دهی خوب باشد.





TIS-SMS-Port is a free locate module installed to give the ability of controlling your home and reporting any problem via SMS .  it can be connect to IP-COM-PORT for full SMS control to TIS bus network.

Important Features

–  Port RS232, or Rs485 optional

–  run with most of Cell phone GSM companies.

–  CID, can set to accept SMS  from any phone or from 4 special number.

–  converting the SMS  to ASCII command throw com port

–  can be programmed  by software or by SMS

–  integrated to TIS SMS Protocol

–  can be connected to any 3rd party home automation system

–  Sending and receiving massage ability.


SMS Controller

Model: TIS-SMSP-M1

Data Sheet Rev 1.1

Safety instructions

Electrical equipment may only be installed and fitted by electrically skilled persons.

Failure to observe the instructions may cause damage to the device and other hazards.

These instructions are an integral part of the product, and must remain with the end customer.           

Basic information

This device is a product of the TIS system. It is a free locate device with GSM antenna and SIM card Port which can be controlled and communicate by SMS Massages from and to any mobile phone and convert the massage to TIS network for controlling or reporting the system, technical knowledge obtained in TIS training courses is a prerequisite to proper understanding how to install device. Advanced Programming knowledge about software obtained in the advanced training courses.


Intended use

Sending SMS to control lighting, saving energy and security, e.g. light on/off, control air condition, and fan control.

Receiving SMS to report any event, e.g. burglary alarm, fire alarm, or emergency help.



Product characteristics



Frequency Band



Power and consumption

input voltage

Standby consumption

On communication

Peak consumption


5 -24 V DC

<10 mA / 12 V DC

<25 mA / 12 V DC

<600 mA / 12 V DC

Communication Port




Baud rate: 9600 bps


Reaction time



approx. 25 ms


Free locate


By 2 screws installed anywhere.

Connection terminal



Screw terminal  0.25…2.5mm2


Operating and display elements

LED Green ON

LED Red flashing

LED Green flashing


Signal Ok , module is ready

Searching for signal

Sending SMS massage

Functions for each zone

Digital input Open

Digital input close

Revers control


20 commands

20 commands

1 command


Without packaging


0.17 KG


Width x length x height


69mm x 82mm x 25mm



Casing color

IP rating


White Gray

IP 20

Temperature range








Air humidity


<85% non-condensing




Device components

The device coming with 

  1. Antenna
  2. Connector Terminal
  3. Antenna

Power supply 220V – 5VDC/2A  


Inserting SIM card

First please turn off before installing the SIM card, push the point button nearby, the drawer socket will release, please pull it out. Then take out the drawer socket and put the SIM card into it, at last push the whole drawer socket


Installing antenna

Turn off the power before installing the antenna

Just install the antenna on its place and tight it. See the picture of installed antenna beside.

Try not to touch the antenna while power ON.



Connecting the connecter and Data

Just push the connector into its slot, than connect the wires for Power supply on the VCC and GND, connect the RS485 A+ and B- cables to the  TIS-232/485/IP  (RS485 D+, D-) 

Or to any 3rd party RS485 port.




We provide a warranty as provided for by law.

Hologram warranty seal and product serial number is provided by each device.

Please send the description of the defect with Product S/N to our dealer network.


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