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Valve Lighting Curtain Module


VLC-12CH-10A is designed to control  Fan speed valve , lighting and shutter , this Module supports 12 independent channels of 10Amps each,  it can be programmed manually for lighting , shutter ,  Fan Speed channels, or by PC for advanced Programming .

Important Features

–  Strong relay each of  10Amps.

–  Can be used for FCU Fan speed, lighting or shutter.

–  Can Be programmed manually with TIS panels. 

–  Economic Cost suitable for residential and offices Project.

–  Low Noise and Fast Relay Switch.

–  Include 12 built in scenes and sequences,

–  LED for network life and for each channel indicator .

–  Working with TIS bus protocol

–  ABS anti-flame case.

–  UL USA  certified relay, terminal, ICs and PCB.

–  Product CE certified.

Safety instructions

Electrical equipment may only be installed and fitted by electrically skilled persons.

Failure to observe the instructions may cause damage to the device and other hazards.

These instructions are an integral part of the product, and must remain with the end customer.           

Basic information

This device is a product of the TIS system. It is a DIN-rail mountable device with 12 independent free voltage Relay channels which can be controlled separately with TIS protocol messages, technical knowledge obtained in TIS training courses is a prerequisite to proper understanding how to install device. Basic Manual Programming can be done without the software. Advanced Programming knowledge about software obtained in the advanced training courses.


Intended use

Control lighting, curtains, Fan speeds e.g. light on/off, shades open/close, Motor, Pumps, fan low, fan med, fan high, scene, and sequence.


Product characteristics



Number of channels

Nominal voltage

Nominal current per channel

Maximum total channels load



0 – 230 V AC 50/60 Hz

10 A / 230 VAC

120 A / 230 VAC

Output switching current

Max switching current


Max Continues current 

Max. switching Voltage


16A/230 VAC Resistive

8A/230 VAC florescent

10A/230 VAC

440VAC / 125VDC

Output service life

Mechanical service life


> 10,000,000 Times


Output switching times

Operating time

Releasing time

Max. operating frequency


15mS (at nomi. Volt)

8 mS  (at nomi. Volt)

20 cycle/min



Number of devices on 1 line

Bus voltage

Current consumption (Normal)

Current consumption (Peak)



Max. 64

12-32 V DC

<15 mA / 24 V DC

<140 mA / 24 V DC

Reverse Polarity Protection

Reaction time



approx. 20ms

Operating and display elements

Programming button/LED

1-12 buttons

By TIS bus




For assignment of the physical address

Manually ON/OFF and Programming

TIS Protocol massages and commands

Manual basic Prog, or by software.

1 X mini USB for up to date upgrading.


Din Rail

Wall mount


Standard 35 mm Din rail

screw holder on the back of the module

Connection terminal

Load and Power

Data / bus


Screw terminal  0,25…4mm2

Male female connectors Link + screw Terminal


Lighting control ON/OFF Dimming

Curtain control

Fan speed control




12 channel controlled separately

Can set 6 group of curtain (open/close) option

Can set 4 group of Fan (low, med, high) option

12 different scenarios

12 different sequences


Without packaging


0.45 KG


Width x length x height


91mm x 145mm x 75mm



Casing color

Button color

IP rating

ABS anti fire

Black Gray


IP 20

Temperature range








Air humidity


<85% non-condensing


Input Phase:

1.5 or 2.5 mm electrical wire.

Load connection (1-12) :

1.5 or 2.5 mm electrical wire.


We provide a warranty as provided for by law.

Hologram warranty seal and product serial number is provided by each device.

Please send the description of the defect with Product S/N to our dealer network. 


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